Яремчук в дуэте с Пономаревым

Maria Yaremchuk will take part in a concert tour of Alexander Ponomarev

The singer will take part in three concerts of Alexander Ponomarev, which will take place on 18 April in Dnipropetrovsk, April 23, in Kharkiv and 9 June in Odessa.

The actress will join Ponomariov tour schedule starting next Monday.

On 18 April, the concert of Alexander Ponomarev in the Symphony orchestra will be held in the city of Dnepropetrovsk. The guest of the evening will be the charming Maria Yaremchuk. The pair will perform their soulful duet of the song “not permissible”. Also Yaremchuk will delight the audience with solo songs, one of which is her catchy new hit “My spring”.

By the way, the song “not permissible” was presented at the Kiev solo album Alexander Ponomarev in the Palace “Ukraine”. Then Maria Yaremchuk won all their exclusive outfit by Ukrainian masters, which was similar to the bride dress.

Note that lyrical duet “not permissible” is not only gaining popularity in the Network, but also expanded the track listing of the hit parade “Golden gramophone” from “Russian radio Ukraine”. Vote for the song here.