Фотосъемка Мария Яримчук_11


Impressive feminine girl, who has not lost her teenage immediacy. A girl who told the world about a wonderful love and time beating from the stage in Copenhagen in 2014. She is unforgettable and she is not like the others. This is not a product of mass culture, but a real creative personality.

Mariya Nazarivna Yaremchuk was born on March 2, 1993 in Chernivtsi. Unlike her half-brothers and half-sister, Mariya could not fully feel her father’s love. Popular and even legendary singer of 90′s Nazariy Yaremchuk died of stomach cancer two years after the birth of his daughter. Nevertheless, he made a great influence on her life. From an early age Mariya was fond of music and art. She wrote poetry, composed songs and sang. Mother supported daughter’s interests and tried to develop them. She knew how words could change people’s lives, because letters of thanks from Nazariy fans are still comming today.

A singer graduated from high school in her native city Chernivtsi. After that she received higher education in two majors, since she couldn’t pick just one. She has diploma of International Economics and diploma of Pop Vocal class at the Municipal Academy named after L. Utesov.

But the thirst for art has won. In 2012, Mariya participated in the popular show “The Voice”, where she got to the team of Olexander Ponomaryov and won the 4th place. And in April Yaremchuk was the only representative of Ukraine at the “New Wave 2012” festival, where eventually took third place and won the Audience Award.

Mariya did not expect to fight for a place under the sun not with competitors on the stage but with skeptics. The greater was the success, the more it was criticized, and wider gossips were spread. It got to the point, that “Yaremchuk doesn’t take stage name to cash in on her father′s name”. Disappointment instead returns stopped a lot of people on the half way.

But Mariya was strong enough to go further to her dream. After a successful career start follows a successful continuation.

New songs, music videos, rotation on popular channels and radio stations, interviews in popular publications – but everything has a price. Young girl have to stand the racket of titanic work, lack of sleep and lack of private life.

To date, the highest level achieved – performance on the most prestigious competition for artists, «Eurovision».

There Mariya declared herself in the sights of hundreds of cameras from a dozen European countries.

Entrant from Ukraine was worthy appreciated and awarded the 6th place. But Yaremchuk does not relax after the success, and only raises the bar.

In 2015, Mariya organized a big tour around Ukraine, dedicated to the memory of her father. In July, it was 20 years since his death.

Yaremchuk Jr. doesn’t only represent her creativity, but also reinterprets Nazariy′s hits, it is not only a tribute to her father, but to the idol and to the man who influenced the destiny of an entire generation. Fantastic and planned with all details show, sincere and lyrical, touching and intimate, it has melted the hearts of many inveterate skeptics and critics.